覧覧 The Rector and Churchwardens of the above parish invite the electors and ratepayers thereof to meet at La Chambre de la Douzaine, Rue Des Landes,
on Wednesday 4th November 2020 immediately after the Constables meeting to transact the following business.
1. To elect a Churchwarden at the expiry of the term of office of Mr Keith Bienvenu, who is eligible for re-election.
2. To elect two members to the Church Property Management Board at the expiry of the terms office of Mr Andrew Ozanne and Dr Susie Mowbray, who are both eligible for re-election.
Revd Claire Claxton, Rector Mrs Anne Shakerley Me Keith Bienvenu,
Churchwardens (JT693953/10/09
覧覧 The Constables and Douzaines of the several parishes hereby give notice that the election of the under-mentioned parochial of?cials will take place on Wednesday 4th November 2020 at the venues and times shown below each parish heading. The meetings are convened pursuant to Article 55 of The Reform (Guernsey) Law, 1948, as amended, the Public Assistance (Amendment) Law 2006 and the Education (Schools Committees) Ordinance, 1970. The terms of office of all retiring officers will expire on the 31st December 2020. All (unless indicated otherwise) are eligible for re-election. Those marked with * do not seek re-election. Nominations are invited. Nomination forms for the purpose are available from the respective Constables Offices. Completed forms must be returned thereto no later than 4.00 p.m. on Monday 26th October 2020
PARISH OF THE FOREST 覧覧 Meeting at La Chambre de la Douzaine, Rue des Landes, Forest at 7.30pm to elect:
ONE CONSTABLE to replace A. J. Niles*.
THREE DOUZENIERS to replace J. Le Moignan*, F. G. Brouard, S. F. Plumley.
Nomination forms can be obtained from the Constables Office on Tuesday evenings 7.00 8.00pm or by contacting
R. L. HEAUME Dean of the Douzaine
C. LE TISSIER Constable