Constables are elected for a 1 3 year term.  It is compulsory for a Constable to serve one year.  In order to ensure continuity, it is recommended that, as far as possible, six months shall elapse between the election of one Constable and the election of a new colleague.

Eligibility - Candidates should not be subject to any legal disability, having had his/her residence in Guernsey for two years immediately prior to the date of nomination, and being ordinarily resident at the time of his/her nomination in the parish in which he/she is nominated for office.  A Constable shall hold office for so long as he/she continues to reside in the parish.

Douzeniers are elected for a maximum 4 year term.  The Douzaine comprises 12 members who retire on a rota basis.  Elections are held on the first Wednesday of November annually (except when that day falls on Bonfire Night 5 November - when any election will take place on the Thursday following.  Eligibility is as above.

If a Constables or Douzenier dies, ceases to reside in the Parish or is discharged from office by the Royal Court, the resulting casual vacancy shall be filled by an election (if it occurred more than 5 whole months before the end of the term of office vacated).  A person elected to fill a vacancy shall hold office for the remainder of the term of office vacated.

Deans of the Douzaine the Dean (Doyen). A Dean is the Returning Officer for the election of Constables and Overseers of the Poor.  He/she is therefore Chairperson when Electors meet for this purpose.  The Dean also presides at the Parish Meeting dealing with secular matters.  In his/her absence, the Vice-Dean or in their absence a chairperson shall be appointed from the Douzeniers. The Dean is elected by a secret ballot every 3 years by the Constables and Douzaine.

Schools Committee Members there are two Schools Committees in the Parish:

Forest School Committee and La Mare de Carteret Committee.
Eligibility is as above.  Term of Office 3 years.  If a member is unable to complete his/her term of office, a replacement shall be elected to complete the unexpired term.