Frequently Asked Questions

When will my recycling be collected and what should the bags contain?
Bags will be provided to put your recycling out for collection, and will be picked up on alternating weeks:-

Week A - Clear bag(s) - Paper and cardboard only, including old newspapers, magazines, envelopes and shredded paper. (Items must be clean and not contaminated with food).

Week B - Blue bag(s) - Tins and cans, aerosol cans (including plastic lids), aluminum foil, take away containers, bottle tops, can lids, plastic bottles, tubs, trays and pots. Food packaging and packaging from drinks, cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning products. Plastic bottle caps, drink, soup and milk cartons.  (No black plastic, please make sure all items are clean and food containers have been washed).

When will my black sack(s) be collected?
These will be collected every other week along side your clear bag recyclables.
Black bag(s) - Black plastic, film from ready meals or meat packaging. Crisp packets, contaminated paper and cardboard, nappies, plastic coal sacks and any other plastic items other than packaging.

If you are not sure what to put out please look here

What if I run out of bags?
A voucher for your next roll of blue or clear bags will be included inside the roll, approximately 3 bags before the end.
However, we realise that there will be those who need a new voucher (in order to take up kerbside recycling for the first time, or because they are new to the island, or have lost their voucher) these will be available at the Douzaine Room. We also have replacement food caddies, larger caddies and blue glass bags available at the Douzaine Room.

What about glass?
Glass needs to be kept separate from other materials and will be collected in the strengthened bag provided. Please take this back inside the following day.

What about food waste?
Food waste will be collected from the large black caddy provided. Please lock this by placing the handle to the front of the caddy and place outside with your recyclables. Remember to bring this back inside the following day.
Food Waste - all food remains, dairy, bread or pastries, rice, pasta & beans, meat & bones, tea & coffee grounds, fruit & vegetables, fish (but not crab or lobster shells). Mouldy or out of date food (incl. ready meals removed from their packaging), raw & cooked meat, fish & vegetables, egg shells.
Place the liner provided in the small caddy, add the food remains etc., tie the handles together when full and place this in your large black caddy to be collected. A replacement voucher for food bags will be found near the end of your roll.

What can't go in the recycling bags?
General household waste (including things such as ash and food waste) must still be put out in black bags. Any items contaminated with food (e.g. chip papers, take-away pizza boxes) cannot be recycled and should also go in your black bags. Recycling bags must not be used for general waste.

Is there a limit on how many recycling bags I can put out?
No. You can put out as many as you need, provided materials are put out in the right bag on the correct night. Please do not overfill bags.

Where should recycling bags be put out?
Your bin man will pick up either your clear bag or your blue bag on your normal bin night. All collections will be at night. Do not put it inside a wheelie bin or dust bin, except where specifically provided in communal areas.

I don't have space for lots of bins, so how can I recycle?
The new service should make recycling easier and more convenient. If you can't do everything, just recycling some items can help to make a difference. Go to for some money-saving tips.

Will it cost me to use the collection service?
No. During the initial collection scheme which will operate until January 2019, there will be no charge to households. From then on "pay as you throw" will come in for general waste. There will be an annual bill from your Constables' rates and a States of Guernsey annual charge of 85 per household.

Do I have to take part in recycling?
The scheme is not compulsory, and there are no penalties for not participating.

Do I have to use 'official' recycling bags?
The bags provided have been specifically chosen to suit the requirements of the sorting facility, so it is important to use these. If you use a different container or bag, your bin man may not collect it.

What if my recycling bags aren't taken away?
If you put out the wrong coloured bag, or your bag has the wrong materials in it and the owner is identifiable, the bag will be left behind by the collector with a green sticker applied informing the owner of the reasons why it may not have been collected.
If your recycling is not collected, please take it back in and either re-sort the materials ready for your next collection, or take them to a bring bank site.

What if I forget to put my recycling out?
Either keep it until the next blue or clear bag collection, or you can sort the items and take them along to a bring bank site.

Will I still be able to use the bring banks?
Yes, but the preference is for householders to take advantage of the new kerbside scheme where possible. 

What happens after my recycling is collected?
It is taken to a local sorting facility where the bags are opened and the contents sorted into the various different materials.

Wouldn't it be easier putting everything in one black bag and then sort it?
The quality of materials we collect for recycling is important if we want to get best value for it. It is therefore important not to mix in items that can contaminate recycling (e.g. food), or are difficult to separate (e.g. glass).

Why can't we recycle black plastic?
Unfortunately we do not currently have a market for recycling black plastic. And we are not alone - councils throughout the UK have a similar issue. It also causes problems with sorting the 'good' plastics, so processors want us to keep this out.

What about carrier bags and other thin plastics?
The main issue with these often lower grade plastics is they can get caught up in the automated machines used to sort plastics, causing breakdowns.

What happens if my collection is on a Bank Holiday?
Each Parish will advertise an alternative date if applicable.

When will labeling your black sacks begin?
From 3rd February 2019.  Stickers 1.40 for up to 50 litres capacity; and 2.50 up to 90 litres capacity are available at local shops.
The stickers are simple to use. Just fold them, peel off the backing and tie off the bag and stick the label on before you put it out for collection. Once on they cannot be removed. Anyone who tries to avoid the "pay as you throw" charge may be liaible to a fixed penalty of up to 60.

What should I do about used tissues and masks?
Please double wrap all your used tissues and masks, and please cut the string on your mask before placing it inside your black bag.


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