Whilst the Parish is not covered in litter the Douzaine is starting an awareness campaign to promote the idea of keeping the Parish tidy and free from litter and dog mess. Many people live/work or otherwise just pass through the Parish.

The Forest is a working Parish with the Airport/Garages/Schools/Shops and other businesses as well as being rural with farming so litter is a side effect of these activities.

Fellow Islanders and visitors use our lovely cliff walks and lanes to exercise themselves or their dogs and we would like them to be aware of what they do with any litter they produce.

Gone are the days when the SWD would regularly call around with the sweeper truck or one would see the road cleaners out in force sweeping the side of the roads and lanes so it is more incumbent for us not to drop litter and to dispose of dog mess in an appropriate manner.

So please dispose of any litter sensibly. If there isn't a bin near you put wrappers/cigarette cartons in your pocket and take it home.  Bottles/cans etc. can easily be recycled and worst of all do not neatly put dog mess in a bag and then throw it in the hedge. Take it home otherwise somebody will need to clear it which is not very nice. If you see litter near your house why not just pick it up and put it in your bin.

Let us all be proud of our Parish and help to keep it clean and tidy.  The Forest  Floral group work hard to make the Parish look attractive.  We can all be play our part in living in a pleasant community and it will make for a "feel good" factor too.


Perhaps you would like to become a Constable. The job is for 2 years, first as Junior Constable and second as Senior Constable.

Or Are you interested in becoming a member of the Forest Douzaine? This is a 4 year position.

Is this a position for you?  Come and pick up a Nomination form from the Douzaine Room in October as elections are held in November.

Come and find out more by speaking to the Constables on a Tuesday evening.